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    240002 - Pre-Ballet 3-4yr

    Please register 1 week in advance. Bring a dance bag to carry shoes, (ballet, jazz depending on class attending). Parents are to wait in the hall, not the classroom. All children must be potty trained. NO loose fitting clothing. Hair must be up and off the face. No outdoor shoes allowed in room. Dance Shoes can be found at Dance Stuf Etc. 3618 W. 80th Lane, Merrillville, IN 46410, Phone: 219-736-9532, Fax: 219-736-9388 Email:, Store Hours (CST): M Tu F 10a-6p, W Th Sa 10a-4p, Closed Sundays. Parents: Please do not let your children run around in the Lobby area! We are getting complaints from patrons trying to get to the Office or into the Fieldhouse. If you want to let them run around before or after class, please take them into the Fieldhouse.

          Cart IconActivityDescription      Status      Details IconDatesTimesFeesDaysAges
    Add to Cart240002-05Pre-Ballet 3-4 SaturAvailableItem Details08/25/18- 12/01/1810:00A- 10:30A$130/$143Sa3 years to under 5 years
    Add to Cart240002-06Pre-Ballet 3-4 Tues.AvailableItem Details08/28/18- 12/04/18 4:00P- 4:30P$130/$143Tu3 years to under 5 years
    Add to Cart240002-07Pre-Dance (3-4)AvailableItem Details08/27/18- 12/03/18 4:00P- 4:45P$140/$154M3 years to under 5 years

    240003 - Ballet I

    Build on what is learned in pre-ballet and now begin to incorporate basic steps. The foundation of all dance forms; proper placement and correct technique are stressed.

          Cart IconActivityDescription      Status      Details IconDatesTimesFeesDaysAges
    Add to Cart240003-10Ballet 1 10:30AvailableItem Details08/25/18- 12/01/1810:30A- 11:15A$140/$154Sa4 years to under 7 years

    240004 - Musical Theatre Dance

          Cart IconActivityDescription      Status      Details IconDatesTimesFeesDaysAges
    Add to Cart240004-12Musical Theatre DancAvailableItem Details08/25/18- 12/01/1812:00P- 1:00P$150/$165Sa8 years to under 18 years

    240005 - Jazz 1

          Cart IconActivityDescription      Status      Details IconDatesTimesFeesDaysAges
    Add to Cart240005-09Jazz 1AvailableItem Details08/25/18- 12/01/1811:15A- 12:00P$140/$154Sa4 years to under 7 years

    240006 - Mommy & Me Dance

    This is a great class for the child that wants to be a dancer. Learn basics in ballet, jazz, movement, exercise listening skills and more! This is a great class to get your dancer ready for our Pre-Ballet class. Dancers should have pink ballet shoes.

          Cart IconActivityDescription      Status      Details IconDatesTimesFeesDaysAges
    Read Notice240006-01Mommy & Me w/parentCancelledItem Details01/06/18- 05/12/1812:45P- 1:15P$140/$154Sa2 years to under 4 years
    Add to Cart240006-02Mommy & Me w/parentAvailableItem Details08/25/18- 12/01/18 1:45P- 2:15P$130/$143Sa2 years to under 4 years

    240007 - Ballet III (ages 8-15)

    This class is for the more serious dancer that has had prior training or an older dancer. Dancers will be working on ballet and jazz technique as well as combinations. This class is great for the dancer wanting to try something new or continue their dance training during the summer.

          Cart IconActivityDescription      Status      Details IconDatesTimesFeesDaysAges
    Read Notice240007-02Ballet/Jazz III CombCancelledItem Details06/14/18- 06/28/18 1:00P- 2:00P$27/$30Th8 years to 14 years
    Add to Cart240007-05Ballet/Jazz III CombAvailableItem Details08/27/18- 12/03/18 5:30P- 6:30P$150/$165M8 years to under 18 years

    240008 - Dance Camps

          Cart IconActivityDescription      Status      Details IconDatesTimesFeesDaysAges
    Read Notice240008-01Fairytale CampUnavailableItem Details06/11/18- 06/15/1810:00A- 11:30A$44/$48M-F4 years to under 7 years
    Read Notice240008-02Fairytale Camp 2 weeUnavailableItem Details06/18/18- 06/22/1810:00A- 11:30A$44/$48M-F4 years to under 7 years
    Read Notice240008-03Fairytale Camp 3UnavailableItem Details06/25/18- 06/29/1810:00A- 11:30A$44/$48M-F4 years to under 7 years
    Read Notice240008-04Trolls Camp 1FullItem Details07/09/18- 07/13/1810:00A- 12:00P$42/$46M, W, F6 years to under 10 years
    Read Notice240008-05Trolls Camp 2UnavailableItem Details07/16/18- 07/20/1810:00A- 12:00P$42/$46M, W, F6 years to under 10 years
    Read Notice240008-06Jazz/Pom CampCancelledItem Details06/19/17- 06/23/1711:15A- 12:15P$40/$44M-F7 years to under 14 years
    Read Notice240008-07TuTu CuteUnavailableItem Details06/11/18- 06/15/1812:30P- 2:00P$40/$44M, W, F3 years to under 5 years
    Read Notice240008-08TuTu CuteCancelledItem Details06/18/18- 06/22/1812:30P- 2:00P$40/$44M, W, F3 years to under 5 years
    Read Notice240008-09TuTu CuteUnavailableItem Details06/25/18- 06/29/1812:30P- 2:00P$40/$44M, W, F3 years to under 5 years

    240009 - Ballet II (ages 6-8)

          Cart IconActivityDescription      Status      Details IconDatesTimesFeesDaysAges
    Add to Cart240009-05Ballet II (ages 5-7)AvailableItem Details08/28/18- 12/04/18 4:30P- 5:15P$140/$154Tu5 years to under 8 years
    Add to Cart240009-06Kinder-Dance (5-6)AvailableItem Details08/27/18- 12/03/18 4:45P- 5:30P$140/$154M4 years to under 7 years

    240010 - Jazz III

    Costumes will be ordered this session to be able to arrive a week before the Showcase. The Showcase will be December 9 at 6:30pm.

          Cart IconActivityDescription      Status      Details IconDatesTimesFeesDaysAges
    Read Notice240010-08Jazz IIICancelledItem Details08/29/16- 12/05/16 6:30P- 7:15P$112/$125M9 years to under 17 years

    240012 - Ballet/ Tap (4-6)

    A dance in which the rhythm or rhythmical variation is audibly tapped out with the toe or heel by a dancer.

          Cart IconActivityDescription      Status      Details IconDatesTimesFeesDaysAges
    Read Notice240012-13Ballet/Tap (4-6)WaitlistItem Details06/12/18- 06/26/1812:30P- 1:15P$27/$30Tu4 years to under 7 years

    240013 - Jazz 2 Basics

    Jazz 1/Hip Hop is a creative stimulating dance form incorporates current styles and traditional technique. This class will then emphasize more on technique and challenge the dancer who already knows their basics.

          Cart IconActivityDescription      Status      Details IconDatesTimesFeesDaysAges
    Read Notice240013-01Jazz 2 BasicsFullItem Details01/09/18- 05/15/18 5:15P- 6:00P$140/$154Tu6 years to under 19 years
    Add to Cart240013-08Jazz 2 BasicsAvailableItem Details08/28/18- 12/04/18 5:15P- 6:00P$140/$154Tu6 years to under 8 years
    Add to Cart240013-09Jazz/Pom ComboAvailableItem Details08/25/18- 12/01/18 1:00P- 1:45P$140/$154Sa5 years to under 8 years

    313001 - Ballroom Dance Beginners

          Cart IconActivityDescription      Status      Details IconDatesTimesFeesDaysAges
    Read Notice313001-01Ballroom Beg 6pm-8wkUnavailableItem Details02/26/18- 04/16/18 6:00P- 7:00P$0M16 years and Up
    Read Notice313001-02Ballroom Beg 6pm-8wkUnavailableItem Details04/30/18- 06/25/18 6:00P- 7:00P$0M16 years and Up
    Read Notice313001-03Ballroom Beg 6pmUnavailableItem Details07/09/18- 08/27/18 6:00P- 6:55P$0M16 years and Up
    Add to Cart313001-04Ballroom Beg 6pmAvailableItem Details09/10/18- 10/29/18 6:00P- 6:55P$0M16 years and Up

    313002 - Ballroom Dance Intermediate

          Cart IconActivityDescription      Status      Details IconDatesTimesFeesDaysAges
    Read Notice313002-02Ballroom Int 7pm-8wkUnavailableItem Details02/26/18- 04/16/18 7:00P- 8:00P$0M16 years and Up
    Read Notice313002-03Ballroom Int 7pm-8wkUnavailableItem Details07/09/18- 08/27/18 7:00P- 7:55P$0M16 years and Up
    Add to Cart313002-04Ballroom Int 7pm-3wkAvailableItem Details09/10/18- 10/29/18 7:00P- 7:55P$0M16 years and Up
    Read Notice313002-08Ballroom Int 7pm-8wkUnavailableItem Details04/30/18- 06/25/18 7:00P- 8:00P$0M16 years and Up
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